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Our little sceret by aussie-dragon
Our little sceret
my two boys, Shiriki and Caleb sharing a passionate kiss high in the tree tops.
Caleb is an Anthropologist from England studying the natives on a remote island off the East coast of Africa. He comes across Shiriki; a tribal warrior.
Caleb is told to strictly stay away from Shiriki since it is forbidden to stare into the eyes of the tribal warriors; This is seen as a challenge.
The two soon realise that they're not so different and love blooms quickly.

Thanks so much~~
Completed using CS5 Photoshop 
Shiriki, Caleb and Art (c) aussie-dragon
Spirit of the Coyote by aussie-dragon
Spirit of the Coyote
Completed after many hours referencing, painting, messing up and erasing, and then repainting.
I've never fully worked without lines like this before so I'm pretty happy with the outcome of this one!!

My tribal OC, Shiriki with his spirit animal; the coyote, in the background, along with a dream catcher and the milky way.

I had to reference a lot of skin tones, face structures and, of course, coyote faces as well. 
Completed using CS5 PS

Shiriki and Art (c) aussie-dragon
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Grey sat and watched as Kelly wolfed down his third batch of nachos. He knew Kelly liked to eat but he hadn’t seen this display of eating in a long time. Usually when Kelly ate this much something was bothering him or he was trying to bulk up again… Grey felt as though it was the latter. He could read his best friend like an open book.

He put down his fork and sighed, smiling at Kelly. “Is there anything you want to talk about?” He watched as those rusty brown eyes looked up underneath thick, ginger, eyebrows. They studied the mahogany eyes for a moment before they darted back down. “Kelly?” Grey raised an eyebrow.

Kelly stacked the third empty nacho box on his little pile and sighed, scratching the back of his neck and averting Grey’s gaze. “It’s… It’s nothing, really.” He said with a slight strain in his voice and stood up to walk back and order more.

Grey stood from his seat and grabbed Kelly’s wrist from across the table, stopping the bulky boy in his tracks. He saw from the angle he was positioned that Kelly had a bright red blush on his sun kissed cheeks. Grey pursed his lips together and released him, watching as he paid for his food and hurried out while holding his hands to his cheeks.

He stood in slight confusion and awe. He had no idea what had just happened but he needed to find out. Kelly was his best friend, so he had to make sure that everything was alright.

Grey hurried out after Kelly, chasing him down and walking alongside him. He studied his face for a moment before their eyes met. He stopped as Kelly stopped abruptly and turned to him; looking up into his mahogany eyes. Grey looked down at his friend and felt a small trickle of sweat roll down from his temple. Whatever was on Kelly’s mind was about to be blown out of his mouth at any given moment.

Kelly held his hands up and just shook them a little. “I feel like there are things going on inside my head that are affecting my heart and now it beats like a drum every time I think about it and I don’t know how to make it stop. I feel like I’m about to explode!” He gripped his hair through his thick fingers and looked up at Grey.

Grey raised his eyebrows at the amount of words that just erupted from Kelly’s mouth. He had things going on inside his head and it was affecting his heart? What ‘things’ was Kelly referring to? Grey scratched the back of his neck and just placed his hand to his shoulder. “Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Now tell me what’s wrong.”

As they walked along Kelly explained to Grey that he couldn’t quite describe the things or emotions that he was feeling. It was all so new to him. Grey was certain it was a girl that Kelly had a crush on. As much as it stung; Grey would never allow Kelly to see him overrun with jealousy. He knew that his friend had no idea of the feelings he had for him and he knew it was probably better for it to stay like that.

Grey loved the time he and Kelly spent together and he didn’t want to ruin the amazing friendship that they had over mixed emotions and feelings. He had no idea how Kelly would react if Grey were to suddenly kiss him or come out and say that he loved him so much it hurt.

As they sat down in the park underneath a huge liquid amber tree Grey noticed how much Kelly kept on fidgeting with his fingers. It was starting to really worry him at this point. Eating extra food than usual, sighing constantly, going to speak and then looking away and changing the topic suddenly, constantly blushing and avoiding direct eye contact.

“Kelly… I can’t help you with anything or give you any words of wisdom if you don’t tell me what’s on your mind.” He looked at him through the corner of his eye, his pastel blue Mohawk swaying slightly in the light breeze. “Is there a girl you have a crush on? Is that what this is?” He watched him shake his head slowly and then rub his arm slowly. “Well then… what is it?”

Kelly looked at Grey at long last, tears forming in his eyes and his cheeks almost rosy red. He turned to Grey and breathed in heavily though his nostrils. “ALL THIS TIME I KNEW YOU LIKED ME AND YOU NEVER EVER ONCE TRIED TO ADVANCE ON ME!” He looked away in embarrassment and bit his lip.

At this point Grey had turned a light shade of pink. He blinked a few times to make sure he had heard Kelly correctly. He cleared his throat and scratched his neck. “How… Um.” He was speechless. What was he supposed to say?

Kelly smiled gently and looked up to Grey. “It’s the way you look at me sometimes. I mean… No one else ever looks at me like that and you always make me feel like I’m your number one priority.” He closed his eyes and leaned back against the bench. “So… why haven’t you advanced on me?”

Grey looked away for a few seconds before turning his gaze back to Kelly and sighed through his nostrils. “In all honesty, I didn’t know how you would treat our friendship if I had just vomited my feelings all over you. Kelly…” He placed his hand to Kelly’s burly bicep and felt his lip quiver as he spoke. “I care for you so much… much more than you or other people realise and I didn’t want my feelings to get in the way of our friendship.” He then chuckled lightly and ran his fingers gently through his friend’s ginger hair. “That does explain why you ate so much today. You had a lot on your mind.” His eyes softened and his smile was warm.

Kelly blushed and looked away. “I can’t help it! I just eat a lot when I get nervous!”

Grey leaned over and placed a gentle kiss to Kelly’s cheek, allowing it to linger for a few seconds before pulling away. “You’re so cute when you’re being so bashful.” He just smiled when Kelly placed his burly hand to Grey’s, their eyes meeting on a whole new level.

They inched closer and closer to one another, their breath tickling each other’s cheeks, their noses touching and rubbing against their cheeks until their lips finally met in a slow and pleasant kiss. It was awkward at first, neither one knowing how to really push the kiss any further. That was, until Grey cupped Kelly’s cheeks gently and tilted his head to the side slightly making the kiss deeper and more meaningful. He combed his slender and pale fingers through the thick tresses of ginger hair and settled his hands on the back of Kelly’s neck, pulling the tanned boy closer to him.

Grey smiled into the kiss when he felt those large hands slide up his abdomen slowly and rest on his chest. He breathed in deeply through his nostrils as he pulled away slightly for air and then went back for more. He raised his eyebrows when he felt Kelly’s tongue slide across his bottom lip; asking for entrance. Parting his lips slightly Grey pushed his tongue through and battled for dominance, smirking when Kelly submitted and allowed him to explore his mouth deeper.

After a minute or so of battling the two pulled away from each other breathing heavily, their lungs screaming for air. They rest their foreheads against each other and their eyes met again; so much passion and want in their eyes.

Grey leaned over and breathed gently against the boy’s ear grinning when he felt his body shudder. “We should probably take this elsewhere.” He whispered almost seductively. He kissed his thick neck as he felt him nod in agreement.


The curtains in the room were drawn and the door was shut and locked, clothes thrown on the floor in a heated frenzy with the lights switched off. The swivel chair had been pushed aside to clear a better path to the queen size bed where the two boys had wound up in a heated display of ecstasy.

Kelly had been pinned on the bed with Grey kneeling over him and holding his hands above his head. His huge chest rose and fell as they exchanged heated and sloppy kisses, their erections rubbing against one another through their underwear. He groaned in excitement and tried to free his hands from the strong grip that held them in place. He wanted to run his hands across Grey’s back and feel his smooth and heated skin with his hands.

He gasped when Grey’s heated lips made their way down his cheek and along his sturdy jawline, kissing and nipping at certain points. He inhaled sharply when he felt his right earlobe being nibbled at.

Once he was finished his earlobe Grey moved down and left heated, hot, kisses against Kelly’s neck, licking and biting in certain places, grinning at the moaning responses he was given. He kissed down along his collarbone and down his chest until he reached one of his perky nipples. He took it in his mouth and sucked at it, feeling a hand grip to his pastel blue Mohawk. He looked up at Kelly with heated mahogany eyes as he sucked and bit down gently against the perked nipple.

He pulled away and sat up on his knees looking down at Kelly with a heated gaze. He arched over slightly and ran his hand up his abdomen slowly and seductively, watching the muscles clench and shudder from the sensual touch. He lowered himself down against the bulky body and began to slowly grind his hips against Kelly’s, watching the as he bit his lower lip in pleasure and grip the sheets with his strong grip.

Grey lowered his lips to Kelly’s neck and began to kiss and suck at it hungrily, his hand gliding down his toned abdomen and stroking at the hardening and throbbing erection through his underwear. He felt him inhale sharply at the new touch. Working his hand past the elastic rim of the underwear he took the hardened member into his hand and wrapped his slender fingers around it gently, starting a stroking motion that caused the other to gasp and groan at the new sensation.

He kissed against the neck more as he began to stroke faster and harder. He bit at Kelly’s neck and pulled away to look at his face while he had him in his hands. He noticed how glazed over with pleasure and excitement his eyes were with a blush running across his cheeks and his chest rising and falling in jagged and labouring patterns, his abdomen tightening and his hips buckling slightly as he enjoyed the new experience.

Kelly closed his eyes and pushed his head back against the pillow, the roof of his mouth going dry from the air he sucked in. He grit his teeth as his face heated up and his member throbbed harder than he had ever felt in his life. He sighed and turned his head to the side slightly and bit his bottom lip as he felt Grey’s hand stroke him faster and harder. It felt amazing.

He then yelped in surprise and clenched his eyes closed as he felt Grey encase his member with his mouth and suck at it slowly. He bit down harder on his lip as he felt his tongue gliding along his length.

Grey reached over and grabbed Kelly’s hand and placed it to the top of his head while he kept his mouth attached to his long and thick length, sucking at it while gliding his tongue along and across in a heated display of dominance and want. He bobbed his head up and down in a rhythmic motion that caused the thick fingers on his head to grip at his hair. He kept at it for a little while longer before pulling away slowly and licking the very tip of the head, causing Kelly to shudder and moan.

He stopped when he felt the large hand try and grab at his own member. He looked to those heated eyes and smiled. “It’s okay.” He pulled the hand away and kissed it lovingly. “You don’t have to do a thing.” He pushed the index finger into his mouth and sucked at it before pulling away and taking the length into his hand and fisting it to finish him off. He leaned down to his ear and whispered seductively into it; “Just enjoy.” He kissed his neck and then planted a firm kiss to his lips.

Kelly grunted and moaned into the kiss, never feeling anything so pleasurable like this before. He wrapped his arms around Grey’s neck and pulled him closer, his back arching off the bed as he was fisted harder and faster. He whimpered and moaned as his hips began to buckle with the kiss intensifying. Once they pulled away from the kiss he threw his head back against the pillow and opened his mouth, letting out a hearty string of moans.

Grey just smiled in the heat of the moment and watched as Kelly finally gave in and arched his back, his hips buckling and his eyes closing, hands gripping the sheets roughly as he finally came.

He leaned down and kissed at his neck and jaw, watched the toned chest rise and fall rapidly.
He rest his head against his chest and kissed it lightly and delicately before smiling and closing his eyes. He rubbed his chest in circular motions with the palm of his hand slowly. He felt a set of strong arms wrap around his shoulders and hold him close the warm body.

“So…. Does this mean that… we’re dating now?” *Kelly asked, his voice shaky.

Grey opened an eye and stared at the wall opposite him. He didn’t need to say anything since they both knew the answer. Instead his smile widened and he sighed with content. “Do you want some tacos?”

just friends?
Okay so I have fallen completely head over heels for MooseFroos 's ocs Grey + Kelly. I first discovered them on tumblr a few weeks back and ever since... oh my goodness. it is madness <3

BTW.. if you have read this in a public place and have gotten in trouble... I apologise. I get a liiiitle carried away when I start writing man porn x3
But thank you for reading~~ and im so sorry but I didnt know how to end it.... :'D TACOS!

Kelly & Grey (c) MooseFroos
Silent Whispers of Love by aussie-dragon
Silent Whispers of Love
Created for the Less Than Epic fanbook for TJ and Amal! I absolutely loved reading TJ and Amal. It was such a beautiful story and was so well set out and written (And drawn of course!)

The two lovely boys (Amal on left and TJ on right) belong to the amaing E.K Weaver who completed the comic~
If you haven't read TJ and Amal and you like or LOVE yaoi and one hellava road trip then I really recommend this one.

Thanks y'all and please do enjoy!
Approx. time: 8hrs +

TJ and Amal (c) E.K Weaver
Art (c) aussie-dragon
Son of the Phoenix by aussie-dragon
Son of the Phoenix
I haven't drawn any Beyblade stuff in a little while... Or Kai for that matter... so have some Kai and dranzer~~
I might've gone a liiiiiiittle bit over the top with the flames... oh well xP

Just like a phoenix; kai emerges from the ashes. he is a serious and pretty strong force to be reckoned with.. so I advise you not to battle without thinking it over first. aha.

Completed using CS5ps. 
took me roughly 5-6 hours to complete~

Kai Hiwatari (c) Aoki Takao
art (c) aussie-dragon


aussie-dragon's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
"I am cute... aren't I?" Ohhhh Shiriki *v*

Name: Steph

Age: I'm 21 years old ( I have to learn to update :XD: )

Height: About 5'3"... I realise I'm short. Haha =P

Country of residence: Born and raised in Australia ^.^

I have a beautiful little cat named Bonnie. She is the sweetest little thing and I wouldn't give her up for anything in the world!

An adorable puppy named Hamish! He's quite a handful and very cheeky. He is a Labrador x Rottweiler!

I also have a couple of horses up at my dads place. I wouldn't consider them pets though. They're too free and majestic to be pets ^w^

I absolutley LOVE Beyblade! I've loved it since it first aired down here in Australia. That would have been in 2002 I think :nod: hehe and I've loved it ever since!

And watch out! I've been playing the Devil May Cry series. I started playing and I fell in love. Dante is so badass! And I now love pairing Dante with Soki (Hideyasu) from Onimusha Dawn of Dreams.

Awesome friends I've made here on DA:
:icondrag0n-mistr3ss: :iconcapitainsmiffy: :iconsilent-neutral: :iconsuperpluplush: :iconamonkillian: :iconn0rway92: :iconeveedemon: :icontifafenrir09:

People here on DeviantArt I admire *_____* :
:iconmethanoos: :iconumayorokobi: :iconslumberpoppy: :icongasara: :iconrueme: :iconbluegayfish: :iconkyoux:
There's a bigger list of people I admire. I admire these deviants because of their skill level and amazing ability to produce the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen.

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Any as long as it sounds good =)
Favourite style of art: Traditional art; pencil, acrylics, waterpaints and still learning
Skin of choice: my skin on my body! XD
Favourite cartoon character: Bryan Kuznetsov
Okay I have excellent news regarding the comic ^^

I have started drawing the pages now. I have decided that it is WAY easier for me if I hand draw the comic pages and then convert them into photoshop to colour.
I'm currently inking page 6 so hopefully I have all the pages drawn by the end of October (I seriously hope I do otherwise I will scream) and then the colouring will begin!!

I want to get the comic complete before mid next year; because I will just be super busy at winter time next year and I probably won't have much time to draw.

I have to tell you all now the comic; to me, is set out much better and time wise it is much better for me as well. I really respect those comic creators that make the entire comic on the computer. I just don't have the experience to make the whole thing on the computer... orz

Well that was pretty much all I wanted to say ^^

Thanks everyone~~~

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